Frequently Asked Questions

These are the answers to the questions we get asked the most.
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General Inquiry

What's your MOQ & lead time?

Our MOQ is 50,000 pcs /item/design. The lead time is about 25-40 days after the order confirmed and the deposit payment received. We are flexible for the qty of trial orders. If your order qty is lower than our MOQ, please contact our sales for further info.

Do you offer customization of your products?

Yes, we have an elite R & D team for in-house design and prototype development. Give us your idea, and we will work together with you to create your desired custom-made food packaging products.

Can I print my company logo/brand name onto the packaging?

Yes, custom packaging is available for all of our products.

Is it possible to get a sample?

Yes, free samples are available upon request, but you may need to pay for the sample shipping cost.

You can use your own courier express account or prepay us the shipping cost if you do not have an account.

What's your standard payment term?

Our standard payment term is T/T, 30% deposit + 70% balance against the copy of B/L.

Can I mixed different products into one container?

Yes, we offer one-stop solution for eco food packaging products. You can have all the required products mixed into one container to save cost.

Can you accept trial orders lower than your MOQ?

Yes, we are very supportive for new customers. We are here to help! Contact our sales now, and we will work a way out!

Can we become your distributor?

Of Course Yeees! Let's talk about possible cooperation & strategic business partnership! If you would like to talk to us, please call mobile/WhatsApp: +86 188 5017 4514. Our founder Erica would love to discuss further with you!

What is your terms of delivery?


Are you an FSC certified body?

Yes, we are an FSC COC-certified company. Our FSC certificate ID is FSC-C160442.

You can verify our certificate here on FSC official website:

Paper Cups/Kraft Paper Containers

What's your sampling cost & lead time?

If you need custom print samples for confirmation, sampling cost will be charged accordingly. Usually, the sampling cost is about USD 100 – USD 150, depending on printing, material & qty. It takes about 7 days for us to get the samples ready.

What's your printing plate fee and MOQ?

Flexo Printing: USD 100/Color/Item

Offset Printing: USD 50/Color/Item

Our MOQ for custom print paper cup/kraft paper containers is 50,000 pcs/item/design. 

How many colors can you print?

The maximum we can do is 7-color flexo printing. 

What’s your lead time for paper cup/kraft paper container order?

The lead time is about 15-35 days after the order confirmed and the deposit payment received. The specific lead time may depend on the products and the quantity of your order.

Can you produce according to our samples?

Yes, we can produce according to your samples or the technical drawings you provide.

Can you Bio Paper Cups & CPLA Lids be composted?

Yes, our Bio Paper Cups & CPLA lids can be composted in commercial compost facilities within 120 days. They can also be biodegraded successfully in home compost and worm farms with the right conditions of humidity, temperature, etc.


If there is limited access to compost facilities in your area, the preferred end-of-life option will be placing the cups in the paper and cardboard recycling system. 

Is your paper sourced from managed plantations?

We can offer paper cups that are FSC certified. The FSC certified paper is sourced from well-managed forest plantations. We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

What is Lamination-Free Paper Cup?

Lamination-Free Paper Cup does not have any plastic lining inside the cup. A special food-grade latex is used for the coating of the paper board. The latex performs as the barrier for liquids to make the cup leakage-free. Lamination-Free Paper Cup is food contact safe, 100% biodegradable & compostable.

Can you do retail packaging for paper cups?

Yes, we can do custom retail packaging according to your requirements. 

Can you do custom embossment for double wall cups?

Yes, we can do custom embossment for double wall cups. A custom mold is required. 

Do you have more sustainable tree-free options for paper board?

Yes, we offer bamboo fiber paper boards as an eco-friendly alternative for the traditional wooded fiber paper board. If you need tree-free paperboard products, please do mention them in your inquiry.

Bioplastic Cutlery

What’s bio-based cutlery?

Bio-based cutlery is the disposable cutlery that is made from bio-based material. Bio-based material is an organic material in which carbon is derived from a renewable resource via biological processes.

What is CPLA Cutlery?

The raw material of CPLA cutlery is PLA resin. After the PLA material is crystallized during manufacture, it can resist high temperatures up to 194F. Compared with regular PLA cutlery, CPLA cutlery has better strength, higher heat-resistance, and a nicer appearance. The “C” stands for crystallization, a critical production process that makes the cutlery resist high temperatures up to 90C/194F.

How long does it take for CPLA cutlery to compost?

CPLA Cutlery can be composted in an industrial/commercial composting facility within 180 days. However, its degrading rate may vary when put into different natural environments.  

Is the bioplastic cutlery suitable for home compost/backyard compost?

Yes, bioplastic cutlery can be commercially composted. They are not suitable for home compost/backyard compost as they need the controlled conditions (humidity, aeration, temperature) of aerobic composting for quick and safe compost production.

Is Cornstarch Cutlery Compostable?

No, cornstarch cutlery is NOT COMPOSTABLE. The raw material, corn starch or PSM(Plant Starch Material), is a hybrid of renewable plant starch and plastic filler. However, corn starch cutlery is a good alternative for 100% petroleum-based plastic cutlery.

What’s the custom mold cost & lead time?

Prototype Mold: USD 250/item(non-refundable); lead time - about 15 days after payment received and drawings confirmed


Production Mold: USD 3,500/item(refundable); lead time - about 35 days after payment received and drawings/prototype samples confirmed

What’s your MOQ & lead time?

Our MOQ is 200,000 pcs/item. The lead time is about 35 days after the order confirmed and the deposit payment received.

Can you produce custom color bioplastic cutlery? What’s the MOQ?

Yes, we can do custom color CPLA/corn starch cutlery. The MOQ is 400,000 pcs/color/item. 

Can I have my brand/logo embossed on the cutlery handle?

Yes, custom embossment is available by custom tooling. 

Is Bisphenol A used in bioplastics?

All of our products are BPA-free. We are committed to avoiding the use of harmful substances in our products.

What’s the shelf life for CPLA cutlery?

Our clear cups, bowls, and cutlery have a 6-12 month shelf life at least and must be stored below 35ºC. Do not store in direct sunlight, near heat sources, or heaters. Our bioplastic bags have a 6-month shelf life from purchase and must be stored out of direct sunlight and below 35ºC.

What kinds of certificates/test report do you have for your CPLA cutlery?

Our CPLA cutlery is BPI/OK COMPOST/DIN CERTCO certified compostable, and EU, LFGB & FDA approved for food contact safe. Pls contact us to require the certificate & test report copies: [email protected]

Sugarcane Bagasse Tableware

What certificate & test report do you have for sugarcane bagasse products?

Our bagasse products are BPI/OK COMPOST certified compostable, and EU & FDA approved for food contact safe. Please contact us to require the certificate & test report copies: [email protected].

What’s the custom mold cost & lead time

Our custom mold cost ranges from USD 8,000/set to USD 3,3000/set, depending on the mold material, product design, cavity number, etc. Molds for semi-auto machines are cheaper with less cavity and lower production efficiency compared to auto machines.

Can you print on the surface of bagasse products?

Yes, we can do custom print on the surface of bagasse products. Usually, the printable areas are mainly as follows: bagasse plates rim, the outer side of the bagasse bowls/cups wall, top covers of the bagasse clamshell containers, bagasse lids.

Is the custom mold cost refundable?

Our production mold cost is refundable after your order qty reaches a certain amount/qty. Since the prototype mold has only one cavity and could not be used for mass production, its cost could not be refunded.

Can you supply PFAS-free bagasse products?

Yes, we can supply PFAS-Free bagasse products. Please contact our sales to check the available items: [email protected]

Do you have extra-tariff-free bagasse products from SEA for US market?

Yes, we have supply chains from SEA and can supply bagasse products that are free of the 25% extra tariff applied for Chinese products for the US market. Please contact our sales for more details. 

Disposable Wooden Cutlery

What kinds of certificates/test report do you have for your disposable wooden cutlery?

Our disposable wooden cutlery is EU & FDA approved for food contact safe. We're an FSC COC-Certified company(FSC-C160442). Please contact us to require the certificate & test report copies: [email protected].


What kind of wood do you use to produce disposable wooden cutlery?

We use birch(betula) as raw material to produce our disposable wooden cutlery.

Can you supply FSC certified disposable wooden cutlery?

Yes, FSC certified disposable wooden cutlery is available upon request. Pls do mention your FSC request when you send the inquiry. 

Can you supply waxed disposable wooden cutlery?

Yes, waxed wooden cutlery is available for our whole disposable wooden cutlery product range.

What are the custom branding options available for disposable wooden cutlery?

(1) custom print(heat stamp/color printing) on disposable wooden cutlery handles;

(2) custom design/shape of disposable wooden cutlery;

(3) custom packaging(custom print bags/labels/boxes/cartons)

How is wooden cutlery branded?

We can do custom branding on the cutlery handles with either heat stamp or color printing. 

What is the MOQ and plate/tool charge for branded wooden cutlery?

The approx. MOQ for heat stamp is 300,000 pcs/design/item.         

Tool cost: US$ 100 or €80/design/item.                             

The approx. MOQ for color printing is 350,000 pcs/design(1-color print). The MOQ for multiple-color printing will be higher.         

The printing plate fee is US$ 100 or €80/color/item. 

Is it possible to wax coat branded wooden cutlery?

Yes, we can wax coat branded cutlery.

Can wooden cutlery biodegraded in natural environments?

Our disposable wooden cutlery is made from 100% natural wood material. Wood is a natural material that is composed of cellulose. Given the right conditions, it can be naturally degraded by microorganisms in the soils. Wood has been long existed in the natural environment, and not considered a pollute. 

Is wooden cutlery bad for the environment?

Wood has been long existed in the natural environment, and not considered a pollute. It will not cause any plastic pollution such as microplastic particles. As long as the wood is from responsibly sourced forests, disposable wooden cutlery is still a green alternative for plastic cutlery. 

Can I have custom combination of cutlery sets?

Yes, you can choose from any of our stock components and specify the desired combination of items for cutlery sets. For example, fork+napkin, knife+fork+coffee spoon+ napkin, knife+fork+spoon+napkin+salt&pepper packet, coffee stirrer+sugar packet, etc.

What kinds of custom options are available for napkin?

We offer a few standard size options for napkins. Except for the stock sizes, we can customize the size for you with custom print brand name/logo on it. You can choose either a white napkin or an unbleached natural brown napkin.

Can I print on the cutlery wrapper?

Yes, we offer custom print on our plastic/paper/bioplastic wrappers. The MOQ is 100,000 sets/item.

Bio Bags

What’s the shelf life for bioplastic bags?

Our bioplastic bags have a 6-month shelf life from purchase and must be stored out of direct sunlight and below 35ºC.

What’s the raw material of your bioplastic bags?

Our bio bags are mainly made from PBAT, PLA and starch. 

What's your MOQ for bio bags?

Our MOQ for bio bag is about 1,000KG. Pls kindly provide us with the size & thickness of the required bags, we will be able to advise the bag qty accordingly. 

PLA Clear Cold Cups & PLA Straws

What’s the shelf life for PLA clear cold cups & PLA straws? How should I store them?

Our PLA clear cups & lids, and PLA straws have a 6-12 month shelf life at least and must be stored below 35ºC. Do not store in direct sunlight, near heat sources or heaters. 

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